(100 Stuart Street Boston, MA)





100 Stuart Street I Boston, MA


🕸 Welcome to the W Boston – Halloween Party

👻 Venue: W Boston Hotel – Haunted Ballroom
Prepare to step into a realm of allure and mystery as the newly-renovated W Boston Ballroom transforms into the most thrilling Halloween escapade in the city. The crystalline charm interwoven with gothic opulence sets the ambience to a new pinnacle of eeriness, promising a bewitching evening that exceeds the ordinary.

🎧 Epic Beats & Rhythms – Four Renowned DJs
Immerse yourself in a symphony of haunting tunes and pulsating beats with our ensemble of four acclaimed DJs. They will weave their magic, enrapturing the guests in a mesmerizing mix of the most invigorating and spine-tingling tunes, ensuring the dance floor remains enchanted all night long.

📸 360 Degree Photo Booth
Capture the spectral elegance and your eerie ensembles in our advanced 360-degree photo booth. Whether you are a lone wolf, a dynamic duo, or a sinister squad, immortalize your experience in a panoramic spectacle.

🍤 Late-Night Bites (complimentary w/ VIP Ticket)
As the clock ticks and the spirits rise, guests can savor a repertoire of gourmet late-night bites, ensuring the decadence and revelry proceed unhindered into the witching hours.

🥂 Moët Hennessy VIP Lounge (complimentary w/ VIP Ticket)
Discover an exclusive haven of luxury in the Moët Hennessy VIP Lounge. Here, the champagne flows, and the spirits are as elevated as the ghosts that wander among us, encapsulating guests in a bubble of premier extravagance and superior taste.

🍸 Ketel One VIP Lounge (complimentary w/ VIP Ticket)
Enter a realm where sophistication meets spectral in the Ketel One VIP Lounge. Here, the premium vodka mingles with the essence of Halloween, offering a refined yet thrilling experience for those who seek a refined edge to their revelries.

🥃 Don Julio VIP Lounge (complimentary w/ VIP Ticket)
Tequila aficionados are invited to delve into the mysterious allure of the Don Julio VIP Lounge. A place where the finest agave spirits and the haunting essence of the night intertwine to create a fascinating atmosphere of high-class allure and unseen whispers.

🔮 Tarot Card Reader (complimentary w/ VIP Ticket)
For those daring to glimpse into the future or seeking wisdom from the other side, a gifted Tarot Card reader will be present to unveil the unseen and whisper the secrets of what lies beyond the veils of time and dimension.

👗 Dress Code: Haute Halloween
Come donned in your most bewitching and elegant Halloween attire, as this is a night of refined spookiness and high fashion where the ethereal and the exquisite collide.

Prepare yourself for a Halloween extravaganza enveloped in luxury, mystique, and unparalleled excitement. This is not just a party; it’s an exquisite experience, a haunting rendezvous between the living and the unseen, wrapped in the silken strands of glamour and thrill.